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The Hub Dental Practice

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The Hub Dental Practice as it is today was the result of our original practice on the north of the city centre outgrowing itself. The original location was actually the first and oldest dental practice in Milton Keynes. The original dental practice started in the early 1970’s. The Hub Dental Practice is owned by The Gilmartin Family: Two dentists, one medical doctor soon to be a dentist too and a dental hygienist. It is the largest private dental practice in the city of Milton Keynes, not just in size but in the number of patients that are seen. This is important because only large practices can offer the full range of dental care and dental specialties. They are the only ones that can afford to invest in the latest training and technology. And we continue to grow. In the last 10 years we have grown from 3 surgeries with a team of 6 to 12 surgeries with a team of over 60 and we continue to grow Our success is down to the skills of our dentists, our nurses and our receptionists but also the loy lty of our 10’s of 1000’s of patients who attend the practice and continue to regard us as their dental practice.

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