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Our website is called South Florida Builders because that is exclusively where we build. We make exceptions sometimes however usually our range is Boca Raton to North Miami.
The legal name of our company which is a mouthful is A&A Construction Diversified Inc. We have been building homes, home additions, remodeling projects, and more in South Florida for 30 years. We are state licensed and insured. My brother and I who manage the business have lived in Florida all our lives. And we love it. And love building here.
Before you look at our site to see what dream project we can do for you I want to do something for you most builders don’t do. First, give you the knowledge to figure out approximately what it will cost you without the help of a builder or architect. And second, visualize what it will look like. Take a look at those pages and be prepared when it comes time to have your project bid.

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