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Solescape Shoes Pte Ltd

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We design and create a healthier shoe alternative for women that we coin Wellness Footwear. Wellness footwear is about maintaining the aesthetics of the shoes while making them healthier for the foot.We provide a shoe fitting service to help fit all sizes.We provide an orthotic fitting service if you have custom made orthotics from a podiatrist that needs a shoe that can accommodate it.We have a range of footcare products to help pad and protect your feet.Our lead designer is a podiatrist with 18 years of experience treating foot pain in SE Asia. He led a research and development team for 2 years to change how shoe lasts are made. A shoe last is the mold that creates the shoe shape and dimensions. Solescape shoes has its own unique lasts.Solescape shoes come in 3 different unique widths. The outersole and the upper change completely in dimensions between the different widths. Other brands change the upper only which creates issues with the foot resting on the edges of the outersole. The min, the more, and the most are trademarked names given to the 3 widths. Our founder has conducted research on bunions and developed a treatment technique that reduces the need for surgery. He has built this knowledge into the design of a Solescape shoe.

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