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Did you know that you can bring down your staffing costs by up to 80% if you hire Filipino virtual assistants for your business? At an average of just $940 to $1050 a month, with no additional charges, no agency fees, no taxes, no insurance, but with savings between 64% to 76%, unrealistic? Here at Smart VA Staffing Agency it can be done.

Since our business began in 2011, we have been providing virtual assistant services to many business owners. These virtual assistants are based in the Philippines. And you can hire between five to six full-time Filipino Virtual Assistants for the cost of one U.S. employee. Filipinos are known to be hard workers, highly adaptive, resourceful, and respectful. They top the list of nationalities who are working in just about every country around the globe. They have the most neutral American accent which can be derived from the fact that the Philippines was colonized by the US for almost 40 years. English is no longer an alien language because it is used as a medium of instruction in preschool all the way to universities.

We’ve had success in recruiting Filipino Virtual Assistants for jobs like web designing, digital marketing, bookkeeping, data entry, graphic design, content writing, article spinning, email correspondence, legal support and much more. If you’re in doubt, call us at (949) 505-9026 for a free consultation. You can also visit and read about some of our Virtual Assistants! Don’t waste this opportunity and find out how a virtual assistant can change your life!

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