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Shockwave Therapy Drogheda

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Our team of highly skilled Chartered physioperformance specialise in a broad range of Physioperformancetreatments and condtions.

We currently have two clinics, in Crosslanes, Drogheda and Berkeley St, Phibsborough Dublin 7.

We hold pilates classes iin modern studio’s at both clinics, designed for those with back/neck pain and other injuries.
Our Pregnancy Pilates classes are a wonderful way to stay fit and healthy, and prepare for labour.

Home Care visits are also available.
Physioperformancecan assess and analyse the effect of injury, inactivity, illness and disability on your functional ability.
This may be the result of conditions including respiratory, cardiovascular, orthorpaedic or neurological.
We design a treatment programme specifically for you based on your functional ability and personal aims or goals.
Progress will be regularly reviewed and treatment modified to help you achieve the best outcome possible.
Most commonly with tennis players in Meath, tennis elbow can be triggered by improper technique, a cracked racket, or a racket that is too stiff. New tennis rackets, new strings, increased tension of strings, or a new tennis pro that is teaching different than you are used to or new techniques learned, can all result in tennis elbow in Duleek.
A tennis racket is often the main cause of tennis elbow in tennis players, hence where the name originated. Tennis rackets that have a high power level or are particularly stiff can cause tennis elbow. This is generally found in a double player type of tennis racket. If you are a tennis player you are at a much higher risk of suffering from tennis elbow than the general public and, it is definitely worth consulting a certified racket technician (CRT) to find out what type of tennis racket you should use to prevent tennis elbow.
Shockwave Therapy Drogheda

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