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QuWave Scalar Wave Products for Improved Life and EMF Protection

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QuWave is dedicated to research in the field of holistic medical healing, life enhancing devices, and deflection of potential negative effects of electromagenetic frequencies that bombard us on a daily basis. QuWave is the developer and manufacturer of the original QuWave Harmonizer that is being used by thousands of people all over the World. The R&D department continuously refines the design of active
Scalar devices in effort to deliver amazing results in the areas of indoor/outdoor EMF protection, stress reduction, energy enhancement, and cellular healing.

Over the years QuWave has expanded the number of products offered for specific applications. We presently offer four products lines: Harmonizer, Defend, Energizer, and Solfeggio. Each product category offers targeted solutions for various applications including:

1.Promotion of happiness and well-being – Harmonizer
2.Counter effects of indoor and outdoor EMF pollution – Harmonizer
3.Infuse positive chi energy into water and objects – Energizer
4.Ancient application of Solfeggio Frequencies – Solfeggio
5.Protection for Targeted Individuals – Defender

QuWave Goals:

1.To provide consumers with a range of best-in-class products and services to enhance their health and well-being and help them live a lifestyle guided by the philosophy of holistic, integrative medicine.
2.To be the leading resource for holistic health care products, education, information, and services based on the principle of integrative, holistic medicine.
3.To support holistic, integrative medicine by funding the training of physicians, researchers and other practitioners, public education, research, innovations in patient care, and policy reform.
4.To sponsor an active community of medical professionals and concerned consumers to work together to discover and share healing products and strategies that work.
5.Educate the public about health, healing, and lifestyle
6.Reform public policies governing health care and the practice of medicine
7.Expand and deepen research in holistic, integrative medicine and alternative therapies that work.

The R&D team at QuWave continues to develop products and solutions with a number of exciting new products to be released in the near future.