Prairie Trail Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic Winnipeg

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Prairie Trail Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic is one of Winnipeg’s top choices for physical therapy & sports injury treatment. Whether you are an athlete or not, we work with you to maximize your body’s function & get you moving again at peak performance. We are located in the south end of Winnipeg (on Waverley St. & Taylor Ave.) and we specialize in:
– athletic therapy
– physio for TMJ
– physio for whiplash/car accidents
– sports injury treatment
– dry needling, IMS, GTT
– acupuncture
– repetitive strain injuries
– physio for back bain
– surgical rehabilitation
– athletic massage therapy
– work place injury
– sport physiotherapy
& more!
Please visit our website for more information or give us a call at (204)452-7142.

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