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This machine was designed and built specifically to generate multipack configuration from slabs of 12 cups into singles or 2/4/3 packs.

It operates inline or independently of up-stream equipment.
Are you looking for gripper that stays open when flicked open and shut when flicked shut !

This might interest you.
This gripper can be mounted on carrier chain. The grippers can be used to transport sheets or plastic webs. Most commonly used on thermoforming machines for horizontal transfer of coextruded plastic film up to 2mm thick. It can be integrated in many other applications.

Do you need various types and sizes of universals ?

We can supply to your requirements.

Provides us with specifications or sample and we will do the rest.

Various materials can be used pending on your application.

All Universals are quality checked for dimensional compliance.

Please contact us for more informationAsfran is an engineering company operating since 1997. We have extensive knowledge in Thermoforming technologies and general engineering.

It includes filling systems, cutting and punching dies, sealing devices, plastic heating , servo devices. Food grade and Hygienic is also a clear part of our experience such as Aseptic filling systems.

We operate in a wide range of industries such as Dairy plants, Canneries, bakeries, Automotive etc…

We can undertake small and larger projects and are well connected with some OS partners on a range of machinery. The projects can be new or just require refurbishment / rebuild or simple modification.

We commission equipment that integrates within industrial production lines and involves a wide range of technologies. This enables us to provide a full wide range of services that may be as simple as low cost parts as well as larger more complex systems.

We have in-house capability for drafting, machining, measuring (CMM), assembling, PLC programing, commissioning, welding, Teflon coating and parts procurement.

We also prototype components and designs thru the use of 3D printing technologies.

The extent of our work keeps us involved with providing support to our customers and helping with keeping their equipment performing.

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