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Lite Load Services LLC

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Lite Load Service LLC is a Grand Rapids, MI Asphalt company. We are here to provide you the best asphalt experience. We are locally family owned and operated serving Grand Rapids, Holland, Grand Haven, Hamilton, Gun Lake, Wayland, and all over West Michigan. Our Asphalt or Blacktop services include Parking lot structures, Commercial Parking lots, Installation of new Subdivision roads, Paved Roads, School tracks, Church Parking lots, School parking lots and so much more. We are dedicated to getting our clients the best price and the very best asphalt laying service. We work with homeowners, municipalities and construction companies to get their asphalt services complete. There are different types of blacktop materials and we will help you determine which is best for the project that could save you lots of money in the end. We have been doing blacktop installation since 1997. Give us a call.
We work with many people to get their blacktops installs properly. Private road installation is something that can be difficult to understand. However, we work with people to put in private as well as public roads and driveways. Business parking lot installation in Grand Rapids has never been easier. We work with business and individuals to install the perfect size parking lot every time. Our expert team has been install asphalt since 1997 and can answer any questions or concerns you might have about our asphalt company in Grand Rapids MI. Our operations are located in Hamilton, MI but we work mostly in the Grand Rapids and Western Michigan areas.
Whether you are looking to put in a blacktop for the school playground or thinking of redoing your falling apart parking lot, we can help. Our dedicated team is here to offer advice as well as direction on how to fix your failing asphalt and make it new again. Asphalt installation is what we do best from installing to removing old asphalt and making new again.
Business Address:
3866 40th Street
Hamilton, MI 49419
Grand Rapids Asphalt Company Paving Company Parking Lot Installation

Grand Rapids Asphalt Company Parking Lot Installation paving company

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