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Gearbox Blinds

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Cafe blinds were once thought of as something restaurants used and are not for the home, well that has long been put to rest.
Cafe blinds are fantastic, they allow you to enjoy your outdoor area while being protected from the rain or hush cold winds if you are on the beach front these are great, they cut out the elements but allow you to really enjoy the view that you love so much.

We have two types of blinds. The one most people know about is the cord and pulley cafe blind. An elite system of them is the Ziptrak® Blind. Retractable Roller Blinds are the most popular of all the blinds, you can use any fabric, most popular is shadecloth as this makes for an affordable custom made blind. We also use PVC Fabric with a wide range of decor colours they add a modern twist to the Retractable Roller Blind, as the fabric is more in keeping with modern colour trends.

Retractable Roller Blinds are ideal for any opening, this makes for great looking shade for carports, and if you can’t afford walls to protect your car then Retractable Roller Blinds are an affordable option. Gazebos, Verandahs and porch openings benefit as well, s it is about calming the view and creating a better outdoor lifestyle.

We use a steel top tube with a quality inner spring system, thus allowing the blind to be under constant tension, this tension is what keeps the fabric taught, we anchor the blind down by attaching bungee loops to the bottom bar, on the side post we insert buttons or alloy hook, to your desired opening positions .

Strong and durable PVC fabric with a wide range of modern decor colours is used. This fabric will hold its shape for years. For the affordability range we use Shadecloth fabric. You don’t have to go without.
Gearbox Blinds

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