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Spray Drying
Develop dry powders from different viscosity liquids/matrix and increases your product stability

Spray drying is a process which ensures to obtain powder of regular sized fine particles from liquids or slurry, by means of hot air through centrifugal blower.

The hot air duly will be introduced to the nozzle Atomizer Spray from top at a critical height to ensure effective spray of powder fines contact to form the regular sized fine particles, by means of filtered air through centrifugal blower.

The formed fine particles will fall on the conical surface of the chamber, which can be dislodged through bottom opening by means of Electromagnetic hammers from outside of the cone. The processed air then will be treated through Cyclone to separate & collect any fines particles escaping from spray chamber.

The clean air then will be exhausted to the atmosphere at the sufficient height. Complete system will be operated under vacuum to ensure efficient spraying process.

The fine powder recovery from your material depends on solid content and drying conditions selected

Note: All our equipment’s are 316 grade inox and adheres to industry standards

Solubility enhancement
Thermal and physico-chemical properties
Taste masking
Sustain Release
Target particle-size
Flow properties enhancement

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