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Our founding team started Frontline in 1999 with the goal of creating web-based EHS software products that enhance safety, productivity and compliance for heavily-regulated and high-risk chemical, oil and gas, engineering and manufacturing companies.
Frontline’s first product, a feature-rich Learning Management System branded “TrainingMine” was well-received and quickly gained popularity among compliance professionals. Frontline then released Management of Change software to significantly reduce the administrative burden of making changes in regulated and non-regulated processes in an enterprise environment. Finally, Frontline added Action Tracking software to allow companies to document incidents, audits and other safety-related events with custom web-based forms and manage corrective and preventive action items.
Both Management of Change software and Action Tracking software were integrated within TrainingMine as a seamless solution called the EHS Software Suite. With feedback from our growing customer base, we have developed several add-on products over the years (Visitor and Contractor Safety Orientation, Product Orientation and Carrier Bidding System) and have continued to grow our LMS Course Library.

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