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A Responsive Website is one that adapts to various mobile devices, like an iPhone, Android, tablet, etc. In the recent past, having a Responsive or mobile-friendly website was a luxury, however now it is a necessity. Google and other search engines are actually penalizing your website if it is non-responsive. This means that not only are your customers having a hard time navigating your site on their device, but you may not be showing up in search results.

When developing a B2B/B2C website, you must think, not only, about the consumer, but also about the search engines. Most of the time, how a consumer browses your site will contribute to your search engine rankings. If your site is non-responsive, a user will click out and move on to a competitor. This tells the search engine that you’re not giving your users a pleasant experience and you can be penalized for that.

We use the latest technology and platforms to ensure that not only will your site be up-to- date, but it’ll allow you to expand as your business grows or technology advances.

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