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Davlyn Manufacturing Co.

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For over 35 years, Davlyn has been manufacturing global leading products and innovative solutions that continue to keep heat in its place. Across a wide variety of industries and markets from home appliances to space exploration, Davlyn engineers, creates and delivers custom solutions in all spaces where heat is a serious design challenge. We proudly produce the highest quality knitted, braided and custom fabricated fiberglass, silica, and basalt product which can be crafted into ropes, tapes, sleeves gaskets, and more. As the original developer of the clip oven gasket, Davlyn has set the standard thermal gaskets in residential, commercial and industrial ovens.

When it comes to thermal textile solutions, Davlyn is the expert. Located in Spring City, PA, Davlyn is the leading U.S. manufacturer of high-temperature textile products and designs.

Manufacturing Firesleeve Oven Gasket Firesleeve Fiberglass Tape

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