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Dallas TX Hood Cleaning

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It is said that Dallas, Texas has more restaurants per capita. While we cannot agree or disagree, we know that Dallas TX Hood Cleaning is one busy company. We have been cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems for years in Dallas and our company is growing every year.
For the most part, every commercial kitchen has an exhaust system that is above the cooking area. It is there to filter out the airborne elements that are a result of cooking. Airborne grease, smoke, contaminates and humidity are among the items it removes.
Some kitchens have multiple hoods, so it is important to have them inspected and professionally cleaned on a regular basis. When a hood starts emitting a foul greasy odor or the fan starts to rattle, it is important to have it cleaned immediately.
Grease build-up is a nasty thing. Not only does it accumulate in the hood of the exhaust system, it can clog the filters or run out onto the roof through the vent. When grease is collecting on the roof, there is a lot of things that can go wrong.
Rooftop grease can be an environmental threat. If there is a rainstorm or ice melts, the grease can run down the side of the building and end up in the sewer drains. The damage to the side of the building can be fixed of course but the Environmental Protection Agency frowns on the pollution and the restaurant could face severe fines.
If there is a large accumulation of rooftop grease, it can get heavy and damage the roof. The grease will eat away at the building materials and could eventually cause the roof to cave in.

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