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Coker Forensics

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The world is now more digital than at any other point in human history – even more so than it was only a few months ago. In every home or office, most of the work and communication is either done by texts, emails, chats or video calls, or video messages. This typically means that there is absolutely no paper trail left in any communication whether casual or official. This can prove very challenging when you need evidence that has already been deleted. That is where digital forensics come in. Digital forensic science is applied when you need to recover a deleted file, text, pictures, chat, or any recording whether audio or video, that has been deleted either by mistake, or with the intention of getting rid of evidence. As long as what needs to be recovered was in a mobile phone, tablet, pc, desktop or laptop – anything that was once in a digital device can be recovered. Coker Forensics is a digital forensics company that has the expertise necessary to recover any lost or damaged data from digital and electronic devices. We strive to uncover the truth at all times.
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