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For decades, footwear manufacturing in the U.S. and beyond hasn’t adapted to the standards of technology, quality and cleanliness we expect from every other manufacturing industry. We are here to break the mold. We aim to breathe the life of a new generation into a centuries-old craft and honor the legacy of the skilled artisans who got us here. Together, we plan to reshape the future of footwear with a firm eye towards sustainability and ethical practices.

We pride ourselves in fostering a culture-focused, collaborative work environment that brings craftspeople, designers, consultants, and technicians together under one roof. Using a refreshingly clean and organized approach, we offer an end-to-end solution for footwear brands by taking your idea and transforming it into reality. We aspire to help designers and business owners obtain the skills and strategies needed to practice efficiently and ethically and improve our industry’s growth.

By producing locally, we support commerce in our community and ensure that each person involved in the production line receives fair wages and a safe place to work. We are committed to making socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing decisions by utilizing the local materials and construction methods available to us. Our high-end facility is conveniently situated directly in the hub of the fashion mecca – Los Angeles, California. Here, we are surrounded by like-minded designers, pattern makers, textile suppliers, and more right at our fingertips – allowing us to search high and low for the highest quality available.

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