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Cafe blinds

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Cafe blinds were once thought of as something restaurants used and are not for the home, well that has long been put to rest.
Cafe blinds are fantastic, they allow you to enjoy your outdoor area while being protected from the rain or hush cold winds if you are on the beach front these are great, they cut out the elements but allow you to really enjoy the view that you love so much.

We have two types of blinds. The one most people know about is the cord and pulley cafe blind. An elite system of them is the Ziptrak® Blind. We believe that we have come a long way, in the way we enjoy the outdoors and want to help in achieving this dream. As entertaining and more home time with the family and friends has become important our outdoor blinds and privacy screens have help us to achieve this lifestyle, we know that by creating another room to your home, this adds a calm space for friends and family to enjoy all year round.

We are Deb & Rob the proud owners of you guessed it D&R Sunshades. Family and weekends are important to us and how we spend it, and how we spend it outside, We don’t like to be blasted in the face with bright sun, but we don’t also want to shut the day out and 2 days a week isn’t very long, so with our products we believe that you! Just like us, you can enjoy the calm view and maintain an enjoyable weekend, and knowing that a little privacy or shade is defiantly. “Creating a better lifestyle”.

Cafe blinds

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