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Buy Cloth Diapers Online India

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Baby cloth diapers or baby nappies have recently gained popularity over traditional diapers because cloth diapers are environmental friendly and economical. Modern age parents are adopting cloth diapers in India for many good reasons such as their chemical-free nature, ease of use, etc. and prefer to buy cloth diapers online. Cloth diapering is an excellent way to reduce baby bottom rashes. Cloth diapers are eco-friendly, adjustable in size, reusable, and waterproof and generally used with either microfiber or charcoal bamboo inserts. The outer material of cloth diapers is made from waterproof fabric coated with polyurethane and inner material is made from suede which is very soft for baby’s delicate skin. Usually, cloth diapers have a pocket for placing an insert which soaks the pee. Explore a wide range of best baby cloth diapers online in India at and buy baby cloth diapers online at discounted prices. is an online shopping website for new born baby care products in India.

Angels Basket provides a wide variety of diapering essentials such as cloth diapers / nappies, diaper or nappy rash creams, diaper bags, wet wipes, plastic sheets, Quick Dry laminated sheets, changing mats, potty seats, etc. Ours is one of the most reliable online shopping website for newborn baby care products. Search for the best baby products at reasonable / discounted prices.

Cloth Diaper or Nappy is available in two types – tie with a string or tie with a Velcro. The cloth used for making such diapers is high quality soft cotton which does not shrink after machine wash.

Diaper or Nappy Rash Cream – we provide world’s best diaper rash creams such as Sudocrem, Desitin, Palmer’s Bottom Butter, etc. Check out our online shopping website for babies, infants, and toddlers. If you are looking for the Best Baby Diaper Rash Cream in India, simply visit our website where you can buy Diaper or Nappy Rash Cream Online in India.

Diaper Bag – our designer and fashionable diaper bags will surely suit your style. Carry these diaper bags while you are on the move. These diaper bags are spacious, durable, have multiple pockets, and made from high strength canvas / washable material. Check out the complete range on the most trusted online shopping baby products website in India. We have the Best Baby Diaper Bags in India and buying them online is very simple at Angels Basket.

Wet Wipes – we offer alcohol free, Aloe Vera enriched wet wipes. Some of the major brands sold on our baby products website are Johnson’s, Nuby, Mothercare, Pigeon, Chicco, etc.

Sheets – we offer sheets of different varieties such as plastic sheets, laminated sheets, changing mats etc. Laminated sheet from Quick Dry is an innovative product that prevents your baby bed, cot, or crib from getting wet. These different sheets are available at reasonable prices at our website for baby products. So, now you can conveniently buy Plastic and Waterproof Sheets Online in India.

Potty Seats – train your baby with our cushion padded potty seat with handle designed for both baby boy and baby girl

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