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Bears Fencing is one of the most well known and respected fencing contractors in the South West and we have been providing fencing and related services for over 20 years. Our experience with the diverse range of fencing types required within the region means that we have the knowledge to provide a solution for your fencing needs. Bears Fencing is committed to building high-quality gates and fences for our clients and our quality of work has ensured we are the number one choice in the South West.

We don’t just provide fence installation! Have a browse through the site for examples of products and services we typically offer. Colorbond fencing, balustrading, guard and handrails, bollards and cyclone fencing. Our team can assist you with posts and palisades, cricket nets, basketball court fences and all landscaping needs as well as fence repairs. We are a versatile team at Bears Fencing! If you’ve got a great idea for something unique to your property and want to consult with us, let’s talk!

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