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What is Bands And Body Inc?
Bands And Body is the NEWEST most INNOVATIVE way to workout with Resistance Bands!
It’s an all-inclusive/affordable/fun Nutrition, Accountability, and Mindset Coaching program with super fun high-intensity/low-impact Rhythmic Resistance Training that’s easy on the joints, but HARD on the muscles. Also HARD on the form emphasis as for why 2 instructors are needed per session. And why we say “Train SMARTER not HARDER”
I’m Dustin Conrad or “DC” The guy who created this thing… and if there’s just one thing I’d want you to hear out of this way too long blurb, it would be this: if you’re someone who really wants to get in amazing shape (Mentally AND Physically), but you don’t want to destroy your body in the process, and maybe you’ve tried other methods and failed… I urge you to just try this out. Give it a shot! Seriously, you’ve got nothing to lose… except maybe a bad habit or 2 or maybe some lbs/inches lol
PLUS I have no plans on visiting Malaysia any time soon..
ALSO, you can even just “try us out”, with very minimal commitment or investment by taking advantage of a Program Trial.
PROGRAM TRIAL instead of contract
Rather than locking you into a long term contract we always start with a PROGRAM TRIAL ranging from 7-21 days and with promos of $21-85 dollars which you can take advantage of by going here: or call/text us at 213-600-BAND. In doing a trial, you’ll be able to make an informed decision AND you’ll also be able to dictate your pricing – should you wish to continue – by consistency of habits and measurable results achieved, converted into dollars$$ Cha-ching!
You’ll also have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so in the event that you do our program and after 30 days don’t get the results that were expected, you may be an alien and we will rush you to the hospital asap and pay for an MRI to confirm..BUT if for any reason you are the exception to that, I will put my money where my mouth is …or rather yours lol and refund. However, we also wont sell a program that doesn’t do what it is intended to do, so if the intention is to lose a certain amount of weight or body fat, but you only want to take the fun classes that would not qualify and that money will be going back into my mouth or probably stomach… lol but yeah.. this thing works, like REALLY works! (And I know, I know.. of course I’m gonna say that cuz I’m the biz owner yada yada… but run over to our or FB page peruse around and connect with some of our current members and feel free to ask them about their experience and results(they are were likely suggested to do the same when they were new)
Don’t you hate it, when you wanna find a service and because they “of course” can’t give you an estimate over the phone, you have to meet with them in person only to find it’s actually NOT a good fit and it’s like $1000 more than anything you would have expected and now your in that awkward situation where you have to say no to a face OR bite the bullet or just reading even longer run-on sentences??
Yeah, we DON’T do that. We respect you and your time too much… as well as ours. Besides, high-pressured sales tactics are a thing of the past and it’s equivalent to bullying. Not to mention the dynamic that’s created by trying to force someone to stay when they don’t want to.
The question I’m asked most often is how much is it per session?? And whereas you’re getting much more than just training sessions – all our programs come with Nutrition plans, Accountability/Incentivizing systems, and our Signature Rhythmic R-Band Workouts – However, if you were to look at it that way the training rate can still be as low as $15 per session(that’s WITH the accountability and nutrition) and on upwards to $85 per session(with personalized training, meals, and strategy/accountability coaches) And even 1-1 fitness and mind training with yours truly starting at $225 per session (Minimum 2 sessions per week).

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