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BALLYA focuses on the biological and medical field with full advanced technologies to research & develop, manufacture and market new & improved products.

During the past 11 years of development, today, we have standard laboratory and R&D center for work and cooperate with many universities, research institutes, local and foreign companies for some future projects that are innovative.

With our high end technologies, dedicated to biology, food safety, environmental health, veterinary and therapeutic human. Our goal it is to provide new, good and reliable products and technologies to customers, partners, distributors and consumers.

Our products

Antibiotics Test For Egg
Egg Test Series:
Single Test:Betalactam Test,Thiamphenicol-Test-Kit,TetracyclinesTest and many more

2 Sensors:Betalactam-Tetracyclines-test-for-egg,Betalactams-Cefalexins-test-for-egg,Quinolones-Erythromycin-Test-Kit and many more

3 Sensors:Beta-lactams+Tetracyclines+Sulfonamides Test Kit
Beta-lactams+Tetracyclines+Streptomycin+Test Kit
Beta-lactams+Tetracyclines+Cefalexin Test Kit and many more

Antibiotics Test For Milk
One Step Series:One Step BT Sensor,One Step Betalactam,One Step Chloramphenicol

Single Test:Trimethoprim-Test-Kit,Thiamphenicol-Test-Kit,Tetracyclines-Test-Kit and many more

2 Sensors:β-lactamase-Tetracyclines-Test-Kit,β-lactamase-Cefalexins-Test-Kit,Quinolones-Erythromycin-Test-Kit

3 Sensors:ß-lactams+Tetracyclines+Sulfonamides Test Kit
ß-lactams+Tetracyclines+Streptomycin+Test Kit
ß-lactams+Tetracyclines+Cefalexin Test Kit and many more

4 Sensors:ß-lactams+Tetracyclines+Streptomycin+Chloramphenicol-Test-Kit
Neomycin+Kanamycin+Spectinomycin+Gentamicin Test Kit

Mycotoxin Test
Ochratoxin Rapid Test Kit For Beer and Wine
Ochratoxin A Rapid Test For Edible Oil
Zearalenone Rapid Test Kit and many more

End Product Indicator
Coliform & Thermotolerant Coliforms Culture Media For Water
Streptococcus Faecalis Media
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Culture Media and many more

Test For Pet Healthcare
Feline serum amyloid A protein Quantitative Test Kit(fSAA Test for cat)
CPV Ab Quantitative Test Kit(For Canine)
CDV Ag Quantitative Test Kit(For Canine) and many more

Test For Animal Healthcare
Cattle BVDV Rapid Test(cow disease)
Cattle FMD Rapid Test(cow disease)
Cattle Brucellosis Rapid Test(cow disease) and many more

Heating Block,Mini Pipette,Portable Reader and many more

New comming products:
High sensitivity 0.02ppb Aflatoxin M1 Quantitative Rapid Test
High sensitivity 0.02ppb Chloramphenicol Quantitative Rapid Test

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