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Android Charge Cables

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This stunning LED wireless charger features an LED screen to monitor charging state, and switches to trickle mode once the phone is fully charged to protect overall battery life. A must have for any tech enthusiast!

High Quality Plastic Material
LED screen to monitor charge state
Trickle Feature to increase battery life span
Free Shipping
iPhone 5,6,7,8 Compatible
Low on Juice Money Back Guarantee!
Enough is enough! We don’t know how the world’s best engineers haven’t figured it out yet, how it’s possible for a phone battery to last less than a full day at work (Even if we do text alot….), but either way, we’re here to help!

The worlds best, and most affordable chargers, accessories, and more for all of your Apple and Android products are within your grasp. Never be Low On Juice again!

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