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Aliza's Bee Removal Service

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Our company was established to keep our neighbors safe while not harming the bees, to balance our delicate ecosystem. Aliza’s Bee Removal Service offers a range of removal, relocation, consulting services (from swarm removal to major structural removal, including bee relocation and repair).Aliza’s Bee Removal values your safety and wellbeing, at the same time we understand the importance of bees as pollinators. As a result, we do everything in our power to safely perform a live removal whenever possible.If you have a bee issue in your area, we highly recommend that you hire a licensed, insured, and trained professional bee removal company. NEVER put yourself and your family in danger with “do-it-yourself” projects. If you have any questions and concerns please give us a call. We can offer guidance over the phone. In most cases, we can get to you as soon as possible and within the same day. And best of all, rest assured your family will be safe in the whole process, and the bee hives that are removed are then relocated to one of our own locally managed apiaries!

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